I make a range of things, from useful to useless. So, that's why there's a filter below to help you find what you seek!

What did you expect to find if you unchecked everything? But to be fair, I might put something interesting here in the future.


A Generalized Artificial Intelligence Competition Framework. This framework gives you the power to easily design your own AI competition and let your creativity run free. The framework handles the rest. Dimensions makes it easy for people to write AIs of any language to compete in your design as well

IgushArray - Java

I developed the first Java version of the IgushArray, which allows O(1) access and has all the same time complexities of a normal array or Java's ArrayList, but is much faster as it also allows O(n^1/2) insertion and removal.

AI Visuals

This is a personal project that is a website that helps visualize machine learning at work with Google's TensorFlow.js or just raw JavaScript through various webapps.


This is a website that auto generates poly art. It makes use of Delaunay triangulation, image filtering, computer vision techniques, and Poisson disk sampling to help auto-generate better low-poly art.

Cut Bread

A whimsical site about cutting bread. Yep, it's literally about cutting bread and looking at how evenly you can cut it.

Simple Screensaver

A minimalist site that serves as a simple color screensaver with color palletes based on the 4 seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter.


A site that has a watchful, attentive, and wary, but cute, Minion (From Despicable Me) that watches your every move.

I or L or 1?

Can't figure out if someone texted you an upper-case I (eye), lower-case l (el), or a 1 (one)? Type it into this website and it'll explain it for you.

Big Bang Theory Episode Name Generator

For all those Big Bang Theory fanatics out there, this site lets you generate random Big Bang Theory esque episode names. Can also play the game "Is it a real episode name?" to test your nerdiness on The Big Bang Theory.