About Me

I'm currently an undergraduate student at UCSD, trying to learn as much as possible and pursue my passions in the fields of AI and Web Development. View my resume or download it

I'm most fluent with Javascript, Typescript and Python. I also know Java, Go, and C++, and have worked with GraphQL, Docker, Pandas, and Tensorflow.

Within Web Development, I have advanced proficiency with HTML/CSS and have frequently developed backends with Node.js and utilized React.js. I'm proficient with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) tech stack. I have also worked with Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, and the LAMP tech stack. I have also worked with Apache and Nginx web servers, running on Ubuntu and CentOS.

On the side, I also have proficiency with Adobe Photoshop

I also have a strong interest in mathematics, especially combinatorics, and no, this doesn't mean I like counting sheep at night. Rather, I prefer showing that out of 6 sheep, there's always 3 sheep who are in the same family or 3 sheep who aren't in the same family.


UC San Diego | San Diego, California, USA

Computer Science and Cognitive Science Double Major. Class of 2023

Selected Courses Taken

  • CSE 30 - Computer Organization and Systems Programming
  • CSE 100 - Advanced Data Structures
  • MATH 31AH - Honors Linear Algebra
  • MATH 31BH - Honors Multivariable Calculus
  • MATH 31CH - Honors Vector Calculus
  • CSE 20 & 21 - Discrete Math
  • COGS 17 - Neurobiology of Cognition
  • Cogs 14A - Intro. To Research Methods

Current Courses

  • CSE 152 - Computer Vision
  • CSE 101 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • COGS 108 - Data Science in Practice

The International School of Beijing '19 | Beijing, China

I graduated from my high school on May 2019.

Awards: ISB Math Award 2016 & 2019

Scores: IB (International Baccalaureate) Scores: 43/45

| AP Statistics: 5

Math HL, Physics HL, Economics HL, Chemistry HL: 7/7 | English Lang & Lit SL, Spanish ab initio: 6/7 | TOK and EE: 3/3

Principles I sort of abide by

Design Related

"I avoid serif fonts like the plague"

"Just 7 lines of CSS does a lot."

CS Related

"I love making intelligent machines, or at least, try to make them seem intelligent"

Life Related

"One door closing is the sound of another opening"