Stone Tao

Computer Science and Cognitive Science major at UC San Diego, class of 2023

I love AI and design. Currently developing fun AI competitions and researching at the intersection of HCI and AI. Check out my Projects, Experience, About Me, or Awards. View my resume or download a pdf version

Pinned Projects


ProtoLab / Design Lab

Undergraduate Researcher

  • Currently researching at the intersection of HCI and AI. Specifically looking at how to encourage more positive results from AI models and increase trust in data and predictions through humans in ML, crowdsourcing and more.
  • Working under Steven Dow and Brian McInnis

Software Engineering Intern

  • Part of the full stack team Squad Oinx, worked on feature workflows and semantic patches to enable state independent scheduling of feature flagging, allowing users to release complex features with confidence.
  • Developed REST API with Go to introduce an approval review system for feature flagging. Used Go for backend and React + Typescript for frontend
ProtoLab / Design Lab

Software Engineering Intern

  • Worked on technology that facilitates research at the intersection of social computing and design. Also developing tools and techniques that change the way people solve complex problems creatively and collaboratively.
  • Developed our team's own design system and component library that is an extension of the Ant Design library
  • Configured Webpack, Babel, and using Typescript for our component library
  • Utilizing Typescript, Node.js, React.js, Redux, Webpack, our UI Component library, and Firebase to build a portal for a community of designers to submit ideas and get feedback amongst many other features

Full stack Developer and Designer Intern

  • Independently developed the company website and integrated Wordpress as a headless CMS, serving up to 18k+ daily users
  • Developed a Node.js Connector for the company’s main product, TDengine, an open source big data platform with 11000+ stars.
  • Created a C interface, to enable high-speed interaction with TDengine. Implemented subscription, async, and stream functionality.
  • Designed for the company for the Shenzhen Arch Summit, the Shenzhen IOTE conference, and the company’s meetups, working closely with the CEO on making final design decisions.


MIT Battlecode (AI Competition)

MIT Battlecode 2020 | Finalist, 5th overall, top soloist (Competed in Java) – Jan. 2020 | Bot Code | Post Mortem

MIT Battlecode 2019 | Finalist, 9th overall, 4th out of high school teams (Competed in JS) – Jan. 2019 | Bot Code

IEEE at UCSD Quarterly Projects++

Placed 1st with my team. Collaborated on building an IoT personal farm with auto-irrigation and time series data collection, aimed at improving the user feedback on plant growth. Contributed on database work, data integration with hardware, and data visualizers

Halite AI Competition

Halite 3 | Placed 66th out of 4000+ students and professionals globally. Achieved admiral status by placing above Two Sigma’s base bot. 5th placed high school student out of 500+ HS students. 1st place JavaScript bot. – Nov. 2018 to Jan. 2019

USA Mathematical Talent Search 2018

Silver Medal - May 2018