This is a website to help quickly and easily create (low) poly art

Upload an image first

Use the tool bar below the canvas to use different tools to add and remove points on to the canvas

Place one point

Place several points

Erase points

Explore other options by clicking this gear at the top right

Save the current work or load previous work with the 'save/load canvas' buttons

Hide/Show points, the colors, the triangles, and the image with the buttons below the toolbar

Click Polytomize (or press the D key) to make the poly art

(Click to proceed to making poly art)

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Add points with the brushes. Then click polytomize to make art! Then download the poly art as a high quality image or SVG.

It is highly highly suggested to use Firefox for maximum experience.

Upload your own image to work with here:


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Some stats for nerds

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Vertices 0
Triangles 0
Time taken to color last canvas 0.000
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